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A Bootstrap 4 hackable WordPress Theme

Notes from the dev

For the Brilliant Coding blog, I built a new WordPress theme called: Brilliant Coding Alpha. Previously I had used existing WordPress themes, which were great, but lacked some of the flexibility I wanted. Instead I created a new, easily “hackable” theme that had a number of specific design objectives:

  • Allow for compilation of the Bootstrap libraries so I could have granular control over SASS overrides
  • Be able to test the theme design outside of WordPress (test mode uses the built-in PHP web server)
  • Disable some of the annoying WordPress defaults (ie extra header tags and Genericons -> Font Awesome)
  • JavaScript and CSS minification via a npm build process and not from a WordPress plugin
  • Integrated third-party components (Google analytics, Disqus, Tinyurl)

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A Bootstrap 4 hackable WordPress Theme